Stories, we need them now more than ever

to spark conversations of understanding.

And we want them short to reach as many as we can. 

We want to be a part of short films embracing the compressed format

and use it to bombard audiences with style, form, and themes that push boundaries and provoke conversation.

Them Girls Film is based in Kristiansand and Oslo, Norway, and is run by producer Stine Blichfeldt. We mainly produce short films. For these films we have received numerous nominations at home and abroad, including several Oscar-qualifying festivals. Amongst the most prestigues ones at home is the nomination for the "Norwegian Oscar" - the Amanda Award for Best Short Film.

We are currently developing short films, short documentaries and short film series.

Them Girls Stage was recently created. The departement is based in Kristiansand and Tromsø, and is run by producer Ulrikke Benestad Fuller-Gee. Our productions vary from institutional co-productions, and touring, to site-spesific performance, and educational entertainment.


We have had a wide range of themes and scope, but all our projects has been critically acclaimed. We are excited, and happy to expand

Them Girls into new horizons. 

Stine Blichfeldt
Creative producer
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Lydia Colette Olsen
Production Manager

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Mathias Rusvik

+47 907 96 824

Ulrikke Benestad Fuller-Gee
Creative producer
On maternity leave

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