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On a commercial flight to Istanbul, an activist forces the pilot of the plane to take a political stance, which is not his intention at all.

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Nocturnal Journey is a story of the summer when a whole bunch of young people, each in their own way, lost their innocence.


Sand is a personal story based on director Iraqi Asanti's childhood and traveling from Iran to Norway. The film is about two children's experiences of the escape from their war-torn homeland.


Sarah doesn't quite know who she is. She tries to seek out her father to find herself, but instead she finds the freedom she is looking for in the sea.


A father calls his son after years of silence, in an attempt to reconcile, before it is too late.


Dining room tables, kitchen tables, bedside tables, coffee tables, outdoors tables, pool tables. To fit in, you´ll want to have a lot of tables. In a dystopian future a choir gathers. One of the members strive to keep the facade.


The 15 year old Youtuber and activist Jo longs to be a name in Social Media. He is discovered by Astrid,a commercial photographer. At a photo shoot they both cross a line, longing for exposure. 


A man suddenly loses his sight. Forced to live with his two younger brothers, he focuses on his suffering and decides to spread his anger and hate. 

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In this mystery drama we follow Aslak (6) in a quest for answers about recent tragic events. Valley of Shadows is a film in the tradition of the Scandinavian Gothic.

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Semper Fi highlights the unpredictability of war.Who returnes a hero, and who returns a monster? And what happens if this monster is a person you love?


Sandra og Charlotte prøver å bli de første kvinnelige spesialjegern i Norge. 


Romanian Ada faces the summer working as a prostitute with her aunt. When she encounters Henriette, it sets a spark in her dream of a better life. Ada tries to push away reality, but as night falls the two worlds starts colliding.​


Till government do us part. Odd want to move in with his wife Maud at the retirement home, but for that to happen he must take matters into his own hands.


Iben is a very talented artist, but she is bullied and unable to attend school. But one night she meets Isak, another outsider. Together they create something that shows that they do not intend to let themselves down.

On a commercial flight to Istanbul, an activist forces the pilot of the plane to take a political stance, which is not his intention at all.

Mikael has always taken care of his little brother Joakim, who has Downs. They spend their days playing in the countryside where they live. Then one day a new boy shows up – and their relationship is put to a big test.​

A united world has decided to reduce the human population, and the couple Olav and Maria must apply for permission in order to become biological parents. They are both stunned when the response is negative. However; None of them are willing to give

up their dream of having a child.

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Two young guys decide to explore the great outdoors. Their journey will strengthen their friendship, but change their lives forever.

It is an ordinary, cold winter day for Gustav when a small meteor suddenly bursts through his outdoor loo. And if this shocking experience isn´t enough, it's like the little black stone has a life of its own.