14min | Norway | 2020

Lost in life and suffering from severe eczema, which turns her skin into fish scales, Sarah travels to see her father whom she hardly knows and who is incapable of helping her. While on a boat trip together out at sea, Sarah dives into the water, resolving to become a fish.


Original title: Fisk
Director: Ingrid Liavaag

Writers: Ingrid Liavaag, Jérémie Dubois, Mikkel Rygaard

Photographer: Marius Matzow Gulbrandsen

Actors: Silje Lindberg, Lars Arentz-Hansen, Iris Raen Woll

Nominations and screenings:

2020 La Guarimba Film Festival, Italien

2020 Planos Film Festival, Portugal

2020 In the Middle of Nowhere in Winter: The 61. International Short Film Festival BRNO16 - Tsjekkia Sciacca 2020 Film Fest, Italien

2020 Omlandinski Film Festival, Sarajevo