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Camping with Ada

15min | Norway | 2016

Romanian Ada faces the summer working as a prostitute with her aunt at a Norwegian camping site. When she encounters Henriette, a Norwegian girl, it sets a spark in her dream of a better life. Ada tries to push away reality, but as night falls the two worlds starts colliding.​


Watch it here:


Screenplay: Hilde Susan Jægtnes and Bjørn Ekeberg
Director: Ina Lerner Grevstad

DOP: Annika Summerson
Producer: Stine Blichfeldt / Them Girls

Editor: Vidar Flataukan

Actors: Silvana Mihai, Mihaela Trofimov, Dagny Backer Johnsen, Åsmund Brede Eike, Axel Gehrken Bøyum

Status: Completed March 2016

Full crew and cast on IMDB

2017 Reel Shorts Film Festival, Canada
Best Live Action under 15 minutes

2017 Cluj International Short Film Festival, Romania
Best Drama

2016 The Norwegian Short Film Festival, Grimstad

Honorary Mention photographic work, 

The Norwegian Film Workers Association’s Technical Award

2016  Festival Internazionale Milano, Italy

Jurys Award for Best International Short under 15 minutes, Leonardo Da Vinci Film Society 

2016 Mumbai Shorts International Festival, India

Jurys Honorable Mention

2017 Ann Arbor Film Festival, Michigan, Spain

2017 Mecal Pro Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival, Spain

2017 International Festival of Short Films on Culture and Tourism, India
2017 Women Make Waves Film Festival Taiwan

2017 Filmfest Ung, Kristiansand, Norway

2017 Hamarama, Norway
2016 Palm Springs ShortFest, California

2016 Open Place International Film Festival, Latvia

2016 Arkadia Short Fest, Romania

2016 San Jose International Short Film Festival, California
2016 Femmina Internasjonale Filmfestival, Trondheim

2016 LA Femme International Film Festival, Los Angeles, California

2016 Nordische Filmtage Lübeck, Germany
2016 Sakhalin International Film Festival, Russia - screening in the programme On the edge

Screenings, TV & other

2017 - 2020 NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation)

2017 - 2018 Aftenposten

2017 Nordic Filmdays Reykjavik, Iceland

2017 Playroom Filmfestival Tøyen, Norway

2017 Feministisk Filmklubb, Oslo
2016 Bergen International Film Festival, Norway - screening in the programme Local Films

Behind the scenes - Photographer Pernille Sommer

Skjermbilde 2016-02-11 kl. 20.59.39
Skjermbilde 2016-02-11 kl. 21.54.34
flommen kom...
Skjermbilde 2016-02-11 kl. 21.55.04
Skjermbilde 2016-02-01 kl. 10.00.37
Skjermbilde 2016-02-01 kl. 09.58.14
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