FROM THE STARS short 2011

It is an ordinary, cold winter day for Gustav when a small meteor suddenly bursts through his outdoor loo. And if this shocking experience isn´t enough, it's like the little black stone has a life of its own.


Director and screenplay: Kristian Landmark

Producer: Stine Blichfeldt and Marte Blyseth Pedersen / Them Girls

Nominations, screenings and TV-sales
2016 Wandering Reel Traveling Film Festival
2012 NBC Universal Italy, screenings also in Greece and Turkey
2012 CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival, Toronto - A World Of Shorts
2011 Big Sur International Short Film Screening Series
2011 Polar Night Festivalen, Hammerfest
2011 SF Cinema Stavanger
2010 Torp Festivalen
2010 Norwegian Shorts 010, Norwegian Film Institute

Soundtrack by Marius Christiansen:

See the movie online for US $1,5 here:

NBC Universal, Vincenzo Scuccimarra
From The Stars is a realistic fairytale that gives hope in love and communication beyond death. This theme is told with a light and ironic touch, and it's certainly directed and acted with quality and style at the high standards we always look for.

Behind the scenes - Photographers Studio LL

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